Accessibility for the disabled community

Have you ever wondered why accessibility was so important for those of us who are disabled? Have you thought of how hard it might be for those of us who are disabled to get around the community? I’ve had first hand experience with inaccessibility issues within the community. I first experienced it several times in Ohio when I would go to see some friends at concerts. There were times I had no easy access in to buildings to see my friends at concerts but luckily for me my friends were willing to help me get in and out of buildings.

Accessibility is a huge part of a lot of our lives. Most disabled individuals use wheelchairs to get around. This makes it nearly impossible for them to go anywhere when places aren’t wheelchair accessible. Able-bodied people most of the time don’t understand why we can’t go to very many places. This is due to the lack of accessibility for those who use wheelchairs. If there were more accessible places for wheelchair users then yes we would go out more often.

Accessibility for the disabled community doesn’t just exist in public places. It can also exist at school because if someone needs a special device or program in order to be able to attend school this is also known as having accessibility to the things we need. Often times, we run in to many issues with not being allowed a certain amount of time to complete a test, go to the restroom, get to a class. This is all part of having accessibility to the things we need in order to be successful within school.

Not only have I had issues with accessibility but I know others who have had issues with accessibility as well. Some of those people have found that it’s hard to do anything within the community due to the lack of accessibility. We as individuals who are disabled deserve the same things that everyone else does. We need to have access to everything that everyone else has access to. Again, this isn’t just about the community, it’s about in your work place and school as well.

Accessibility for the disabled community is very important. The reason for the need of accessibility for the disabled community relies heavily on the thought of being able to do things our friends and family do. If we want to be successful in our lives we need to have accessibility to the things we need in our lives. For some of this it means devices to get around in. It can also mean devices that we can use to talk with such as a talking ipad or even a cell phone.

Able-bodied individuals don’t always understand that in order for us disabled individuals to succeed in life we need certain things. Sometimes, that also means we need help doing certain tasks as well. Personally for myself, I don’t really need anything other than my wheelchair and access to public transportation. Would it be nice to have a job where the employer was understanding of medical issues? Certainly it would be amazing to have that! Am I happy where I’m at right now in my life? Of course I’m extremely happy with where I am at in my life.

Do I honestly hope that this post helps bring attention to those who don’t understand the disabled community? ABSOLUTELY! We absolutely need to have the help of others understanding our needs of accessibility so that we can be successful in life! If we don’t have the help of others understanding our needs of accessibility then it makes it extremely hard for us to be able to participate in activities with friends and family. We deserve to have a normal life just like anyone else!

I believe that accessibility is key to helping the disabled community be successful in life! We cannot be successful in life without the accessibility we need. Help us get the accessibility we need. Help us be successful in life and live a normal life just like everyone else! We deserve to be just as happy as an able-bodied person does!


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